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​全国通訳案内士 島村政明 プロフィール


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My Story

Around 1978, housework Shitamachi Ikuno-ku Plastic Factory 3rd year Younger brother and two younger brothers went to school When he was 22 years old, he became a driver of Kokusai Kogyo taxi and worked for 13 years.

The driver himself who is worried about Sagawa Express is also a business individual taxi I have a dream for the future I have a career for 10 years at a corporation

Did you have any savings learned from decree and geography? Started at the age of 35

Why did you take a taxi at the youngest

I want to take a private taxi in the future I like cars so I wanted to take a private taxi and live in the United States as the youngest

It was useless to work and earn

Is the adult world like this?

No night of world horse racing Mahjong socializing

When I was listening to the radio, the Beatles song was played and the NHK basic English corner

I loved singing English beginnings The Beatles spelling story bee bea

Helen Keller You can do it with human beings in English like a picture-story show

Buy a textbook and attach a cassette deck to a taxi for 10,000 yen

What to aim for Eiken Level 1 It's about 35 years old I want to study a private taxi Phone

Closed acquaintance A taxi that seems to be kind at the Itami Airport taxi stand

Yodogawa Individual Taxi Association

All Osaka private taxi Come and test when you are 35 years old

General passenger business operator

Passed 35 years old

Osaka Station Hankyu Department Store A group of about 5 people couldn't get on board I was waiting for a signal

can you speak English I handed my business card to Mr. Yamamoto, RIHGA Royal Hotel

The first because there was no English conversation driver in Osaka so far

Tenpoyama Diamond Princess People who went around the world

Explanation of Kinkakuji Experience Attending customer's request in English

I thought I had to study

I made a homepage to see if this kind of work will be done

You can carry it to your destination and be happy to guide you. You can eat together and say thank you.

Interpreter guide and work

Road to Kyoto

Fast way to Kinkakuji Parking lot You have to know

Delicious shop Gluten-free vegetarian shop

It took 7 years

Guidance as a diplomat Interpreter guide
Level 1 for Kyoto Test Level 2 while English Osaka Level 2 for Osaka Naniwa

Let's hold down the three destinations in Kansai

The concierge must answer anything

Kyoto The day before the battery is dead Rent-a-car Alphard Crisis management

2007 World Championships in Athletics Osaka for the first time

The following year Beijing Olympics JOC Gachikarairetete

I'm planning to see only the first day of 100m of Sam Surgery Bolt and Trin who will be called IOC

English-speaking driver 1 week stay reporters

Official language of French It's time for the 2020 Olympics French 4th grade

2009 7 years

2016 Licensed Guide

Parental Care Age Current Corona Home Page

Pet dog surgery Christmas 2018


大阪タクシーセンター 表彰状
特別優良自動車運転者 表彰状
近畿運輸局 表彰状
通訳案内士試験 合格証書
故サマランチIOC前名誉会長サイン入り色紙と、JOC渉外部長・上級秘書との写真 ホテルニューオータニ


All Osaka Individual Taxi Cooperative

Yodogawa Individual Taxi Association

JGA General Incorporated Association Japan Tourism Interpreters Association


New Japan Interpreters and Guides Association NPO Institute for Japanese Culture Experience and Exchange (IJCEE)


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